The Shades of Rajasthan

The people of Rajasthan belong to different castes and tribes. The women wear long, flowing cotton ‘ghagras’ (skirts) made from upto 10 m of cloth in dazzling colours, highlighted by sparkling gold and silver ‘gota’ or ‘zari’ that offset the dull, barren landscape. They love to wear chunky silver jewelry and keep their faces completely veiled for privacy and also to protect themselves from the scorching sun and sand. The men have a scintillating taste for quality things and are usually very warm and welcoming. Many foreign tourists feel positive vibes amongst the people of Rajasthan who are there to care and help. The people have an amazing zest for life and are as fun loving as industrious. They have a rich tradition of folk music and dance, each region with its own dance styles, songs and music. Several communities of professional performers - the Bhaats, Dholis, Mirasis, Nats, Bhopas and Bhands, spend their lives going from village to village. All in all, Rajasthan being a truly Indian experience has a lot of colorful experiences to share with you!

General Information

Capital : Jaipur

Largest City : Jaipur

Area Rank (In India) : 8th

Total Area : Approx 342,239 sq kilometers (132,139 sq miles)

Languages : Hindi, Marwadi.

Climate : The climate in Rajasthan is generally dry with monsoon during July–August. The temperatures during summers can shoot up to 40 degrees. Winters are generally cold and occur in the months of November to January. September and February are pleasant.