Charming Nepal

Birthplace of Gods… Shower of Religious beliefs… World’s Tallest Mountains… and the Land of Adventures; Nepal is a country truly acclaimed for its beauty and its religious connect. Nepal is full of mountains, glaciers and rivers, located at the lap of the Mighty Everest and one of the most beautiful countries in whole world. You can listen to the birds chirping and the jingling of bells in almost every house. A landlocked country in South Asia, Nepal stands bordered by China in the north and India in the south, east and west. The country, which was initially a monarchy, is now a Federal Democratic Republic. An abode of Hindus, smiling faces, friendly people, unmatched hospitality, breathe taking Landscapes, scenic beauties, holy temples, majestic monasteries, mouthwatering foods, diverse culture, traditions and festivals......Nepal is a country one must visit atleast once in their lives.

General Information

Capital : Kathmandu

Total Area : Approx 147,181 sq kilometers (56,827 sq miles)

Time Zone : NPT (GMT + 5.45).

ISD Code : +977

Official Language : Nepali

Currency : Nepalese Rupee (NPR), Indian Rupee (INR)

Religion : Hinduism

Climate : Nepal has a Monsoonal climate with four main seasons - though traditionally a year was categorized into six distinct climate periods: Basanta (spring), Grishma (early summer), Barkha (summer monsoon), Sharad (early autumn), Hemanta (late autumn) and Shishir (winter). Heavy Monsoon rains from June to September, Clear and Cool Weather from October to December, Cold from January to March and Dry and Warm weather from April to June.

Best Time to Travel: Nepal can be best traveled to and enjoyed from January to June.